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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Commitment to Responsible Corporate Citizenship

Pacnet is acutely aware of our roles as a global corporate citizen and as a steward of the communities in which we operate – whether it’s through minimizing environmental impact, ensuring safe and supportive workplaces for employees or exploring ways to engage our employees and harness their interests in community involvement. Our approach to corporate citizenship is a holistic one that permeates every aspect of our business.


Environmental Responsibility

Energy consumption and its resulting environmental impacts are foremost concerns for Pacnet given the scale and energy intensity in our business; as such, we have goals to improve energy efficiency in our offices, buildings, information technology systems and networks. Activities underway include:

  • Combination of fresh air and electrical cooling systems
  • Switching off lighting after hours
  • Implementation of automated measures such as temperature controls and motion sensors
  • Consolidating and optimizing building space and occupancy to reduce heating/cooling needs
  • Server virtualization within all Points of Presence globally
  • Reduction in air travel to minimize carbon footprint

In addition, new data centers will include energy-saving designs, policies and guidelines that mirror the framework outlined by the U.S. Green Building Council, sponsor of the globally recognized Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. Pacnet also reuses and recycles on a daily basis.

Employee and Community Engagement

Pacnet strives to be a positive influence to the communities in which it operates by providing recruitment and training programmes to the local workforce for both professional and personal development as well as ensuring employees have sufficient resources to maintain healthy and productive lifestyles.

Finally, Pacnet encourages participation in community initiatives such as local fundraisers for hospitals. Each year, we evaluate the organizations we intend to support, aligning ourselves with groups that share our values. We do so by soliciting recommendations from staff on causes important to them.

As part of our business transformation, Pacnet’s senior management has renewed its commitment to social responsibility and will strive to identify new areas and initiatives that can benefit the communities in which we operate. This is at the core of our organization and will remain so indefinitely.


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