Carrier Services

Bandwidth is the single most important resource of Carriers and Service Providers. Your service quality, long-term business viability and customers’ satisfaction depends of bandwidth availability.

With convergence of voice, data and video, consumers and enterprises run more complicated and bandwidth hungry application using devices that support rich media applications. Your challenge would then be how to guarantee that the bandwidth requirement of each and every customer is met while you prepare for increased bandwidth demands.

Pacnet meets your bandwidth needs with our robust and resilient EAC-C2C submarine cable network connecting six major Asian markets and our trans-Pacific IRU circuits that extend to the US, which in turn, links to trans-Atlantic circuits reaching Europe.

You have the backing of our Network Operating Centers (NOCs) that monitor the Pacnet network from a central location and serves as the frontline command post for network survivability, ensuring that our network is operating at peak performance.

Our Products

Pacnet answers your varying bandwidth requirements with our industry-leading capacity services:

Pacnet Global EIPL

Built on the high quality subsea network with SDH (Synchronous Data Hierarchy) technology, offering dedicated and protected bandwidth with a high degree of network transparency.

Pacnet IRU

Offering virtually unlimited bandwidth to support your business growth. Our network incorporates a SDH ring with self-healing architecture to ensure high availability through automatic recovery and alternate routing.

Global IPL

Offers direct city-to-city, leased capacity to corporations and carriers looking to build their networks across multiple regions, offering you unmatched door-to-door connectivity from a single vendor.