Pacnet IP Transit

Pacnet Global IP Transit Network MapInternet traffic today has become increasingly complex. It carries not just dynamic web pages and High-Definition video, but a variety user-generated content, which increases the volume of upstream traffic. The challenge for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Internet Content Providers (ICPs), Content Delivery Network (CDN) operators and mobile operators is to ensure that content and applications are delivered on time and with the highest level of quality that meets – and even exceeds – end-users’ expectations

Pacnet IP Transit provides ISPs, ICPs, CDN and mobile operators with a robust global Internet backbone to help them reach their target audience, generate revenue from content, as they delight their customers with immersive digital experience.

Leveraging our robust global IP network, strong top-level upstream partnership and extensive peering arrangements with some of the world’s largest ISPs, Pacnet IP Transit enables the speedy delivery of content through a low-latency, one-hop access to all major Internet destinations.

Service Options

  • Premium IP Transit – High-availability and low-latency transit offered with fixed or burstable bandwidth options and a flexible pricing model that allows you to make the most of your bandwidth and benefit from stringent Service Level Agreements.
  • Country-Specific Route – Provides the shortest paths and lowest latency routes to and from a specific country or region with guaranteed performance. Offers pioneering direct routes to China, Taiwan and Europe (via low-latency West-bound Europe route).

Key Features:

  • One-hop connectivity to major Internet peering points worldwide for fast and seamless content delivery.
  • Over 400G of content and eyeballs affirming strong visibility from global Internet audience
  • Powerful, resilient backbone with solid reputation for quick recovery during outages
  • Stringent Service Level Agreement guaranteeing reliable performance and availability
  • Flexible capacity options including full pipe, tiered and burstable bandwidth to cater to varying transport requirements
  • Flexible billing model offering both fixed and burstable charging
  • Supports IPv4/IPv6 dual stack migration to help solve issues relating to IPv4 address exhaustion
  • Offers Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Mitigation to ensure network security and availability
  • Variable bandwidth options from DS3 to 10G allowing customers to deliver quality digital applications with high bandwidth demands.


Note: All products are subject to availability. Please check product availability with your Pacnet representative.
Pacnet reserves the right to change product features with or without notice.