Welcome to the Customer Service Center

The Pacnet Customer Service Centers are dedicated to providing customers with quality service and customer satisfaction. Our overall goal is to provide easier access to services and faster processes so customers can get their queries answered quickly and in a friendly, customer-oriented culture.

Our Service Commitment

At Pacnet, we are strongly committed to offering world-class service to our customers through the delivery of excellent customer care.

Our goal is to provide quick and easily accessible contacts for you to share your feedback on our service. Your comments are important as it helps us understand your needs better and improve our quality of service.

If you are satisfied with the service you are receiving, please share your comments as we would like to thank our team members for their commitment to customer care and motivate them to do even better!

Equally, if we fall short of your expectations, please send us your feedback. We will promptly respond to your comments and, as appropriate, take immediate actions to rectify the issue. Please send your comments and feedback to management.team@pacnet.com