Enterprise & Carrier Customer Services

Pacnet Service Center

Pacnet Service Center provides the single point of contact maintenance support for all Pacnet Customers (former Asia Netcom customers), Products and Services. The Service Center is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and offers 24 x 7 support in 5 languages – English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese, Thai language support is available if required.  The Service Center is also responsible for the customer notification process on any service impacting planned activity initiated by Pacnet or any service impacting planned activity involving external carrier or vendors.

  • If a service problem is suspected, customer should immediately contact the Service Center via the Global Toll-Free number.
  • Service Center Coordinator will need the following details from the customer:
    • Customer’s name, contact number and availability
    • Pacnet Circuit ID or IP Address (if applicable)
    • Nature of problem, i.e. description
  • Service Center coordinator will generate a case: in the Pacnet Service Center Fault Management System and dispatch the case to the appropriate Network Operation Group for isolation and resolution.
  • Service Center coordinator will ensure that the problem is handled and resolved as quickly as possible.

Fault Reporting Numbers & Email Support

Toll Free Contact Numbers

Fault Reporting Numbers for Pacnet Service Centre
Name Hours of Operation Toll-Free Number in each Country
Pacnet Service Center 24 x 7 Australia 1800-003-051
Northern China 10800-650-0245
Southern China 10800-265-0245
Hong Kong 800-90-1500
India 000800-650-1304
Indonesia 001-803-65-7632
Japan 0120-159-686
Korea 00798-651-7194
Malaysia 1800-80-6029
New Zealand 0800-44-6215
Philippines 1800-1651-0408
Singapore 1800-419-2007
Taiwan 00801-65-1632
Thailand 001800-65-6430
Ireland 1800-556-529
Germany 0800-181-2569
Netherlands 08000-222-963
France 0800-919-870
Italy 800-785-325
UK 0800-917-1096
USA 1800-243-8056
Other Countries
(IDD Charges Apply)


Email support

Please note that emails are supported on a 24 x 7 basis and Pacnet Service Center will respond to emails as soon as possible.  However, for immediate attention, please call the Pacnet Service Center directly on in the Global Toll-Free numbers.

Email Support for Pacnet Service Centre
ascip@pacnet.com To report any fault for IP or VoIP services
To request for prefix list update
asc@pacnet.com For general enquiries for non IP services
To request support for non IP services
To request co-location site access
(operational during Asia business hours)
For general enquiries for planned/emergency activity