Pacnet Global IPL

Direct city-to-city, leased capacity offers the best quality, most secure options for corporations and carriers building networks across multiple regions and markets.

Built on our pan-Asian fiber cable network and our own national backhaul in major Asian markets, Pacnet’s International Private Line (IPL) offers you unmatched door-to-door connectivity from a single vendor.

With Pacnet, you are buying the capacity directly from owner of the network, hence cutting out the added complexity and cost of purchasing through an intermediary. Ownership also means that, unlike the legacy models based on bilateral relationships at each end, we have full control of the circuit to ensure fast provisioning times, real-time performance monitoring and restoration in the event of network disruption. It also enables us to offer transport protection on both working and protected paths via SmartTransport Protection Scheme backed up by market-leading Service Level Objectives (SLOs).

Key Features

  • Multiple layers of protection using an SDH self-healing ring architecture and MS-Spring protection switching for automatic recovery and alternate routing capabilities.
  • Resilient systems on Cable Landing Stations, backhaul and telehouses guard against outage.
  • Flexible deployment options, supporting bandwidth subscriptions from 1.5Mbps (T1) to 2.488Gbps (STM-16), plus all common industry standard network interfaces.
  • Variety of protection schemes to ensure network resilience in the event of a failure.
  • Connectivity to other major business centers worldwide.


Australia, China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, United States and Vietnam.

Bandwidth Availability*

  • T1: Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, United States
  • E1: All Locations (Japan, US are ICB).
  • DS3: All Locations except New Zealand.
  • STM-1 (OC-3): Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, United States.
  • Above STM-1: ICB
  • *Note: ICB = Individual Case Basis
    *Availability of specific speeds in each city may vary and be subject to capacity availability.  Connectivity to other major business centers worldwide is also available.

Service Bundle Options

Managed Router and Co-location services portfolio.


Pacnet EIPL also offers SmartTransport service with 3 protected and 1 unprotected options to ensure service performance and network resilience.

Technical Description

Connection Interface and Interface Types
T1 G.703 PDH (120 Ohm, RJ-48x)
G.703 PDH (120 Ohm, Smart Jack)
Japan: JT-G703 (110 Ohm)
E1 G.703 PDH 120 )hm 4 wire connector
G.703 PDH 75 Ohm BNC connector
45 Mbps G.703 BNC connector
155 Mbps and up G.957 Optical Handoff (SC/FC/ST/LC connectors available)Japan
JT-G707 SDH Bit Rate
JT-G708 SDH Network Node Interface
JT-G709 SDH Multiplex Structure
Pacnet SmartTransport Service’s Protection Scheme Types
1:1 Protection M:N Protection Auto-Reroute Unprotected
High Availability network connection at predictable performance
Flexible subscription of level of protection for multiple network connection
Cost effective option for minimum network protection
Lowest cost option for network
Dedicated Protection Path
<50 msec Restoration
SLA PoP-to-Pop
SLA Prem-to-Prem
SLA Latency