Pacnet Global Wavelength Service

Businesses today require more capacity to support an increasingly sophisticated broadband market that use bandwidth-hungry applications from video and rich media content to compute-intensive productivity tools.

Using advanced optical fiber technology, Pacnet Global Wavelength Service, an enhancement of Pacnet’s International Private Line (IPL) Service, helps enterprises build powerful international core backbone transmitting Intra-Asia and Trans-Pacific traffic at the speed of light, enabling them to meet the high bandwidth requirements of customers and internal users, anywhere in the world.

Key Features

  • Leading edge technology – Pacnet Global Wavelength Service leverages advance Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) fiber optic communications technology to deliver powerful 10G capacity to customers.
  • Cost effective, high reliability network – Supported by Pacnet’s self-owned EAC and C2C Trans-Pacific cable systems, Pacnet Wavelength Service is more cost effective to build and maintain compared with traditional SDH-based IPL service.
  • Transparent – Pacnet Wavelength Service is protocol independent giving customers the flexibility to support different data formats and  bandwidth demands.
  • Ubiquitous Power – Guarantees 10G capacity PoP-to-PoP with the option to extend backhaul services to customer premises or to equipment via In-Building Connection (IBC) for seamless end to end connectivity.
  • Single point of contact – You deal with a single, trusted provider to help you build and manage a global connectivity footprint with industry leading capacity SLAs, pricing and support.


Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and United States.

Service Options

Pacnet Global Wavelength Standard Service
Component/Plan Lease IRU
Service 10G PoP-to-PoP 10G PoP-to-PoP
NRC (Installation) 10G/10GE 10G/10GE
Capacity Purchase Price
(15 years)
Not Available Individual Case Basis
MRC Available Not Available
OA & M (Quarterly) Not Available Individual Case Basis


Pacnet Global Wavelength Optional Features
Component/Plan Dark Fiber Metro Wavelegth Service
Last Mile 1 pair 10G
Installation (NRC) 10G/10GE
MRC Available
Intra-building Connection 1 pair of fiber connection
Installation (NRC) Available for standard set-up
MRC Available



Service Characteristics
Plan Wave Standard Wave Premium
Product Overview Quality Point-to-Point Service Quality Point-to-Point Service
Best In-Class SLA
Priority Restoration
100% Service Assurance*
Delivery SLA Available Available
POP-to-POP Availability Per Month Good Best
POP-to-POP Latency Per Month NA Available

* Subject to Terms & Conditions stated in the SLA