Pacnet Managed Services – More than Just IT Solutions

Business transformation is key to survival and growth in today’s highly-competitive environment. Your business model, processes, target market and product portfolio must constantly evolve to meet the demands of business and customers.

Transforming business requires significant time, resources and money. It also requires expertise in connectivity, networking and business applications to support changing business processes.

Over the years, Pacnet has built a solid portfolio of services that enable business transformation among our carrier, service provider and enterprise customers. These services are created with a unifying purpose: to relieve them of the burden of IT, network and connectivity management so they can concentrate on growing their business.

At Pacnet, we define “managed services” not by the products in our ever-evolving services portfolio but by our commitment to help business reach its full potential.

Whether you are a carrier, a service provider or a multi-site enterprise, Pacnet Managed Services can help you:

Cost effectively expand your IT infrastructure with our growing network of Data Centers

  • Provides content-driven organizations with high-power, high- availability data center environment
  • Helps multi-site enterprises expand in any major cities in Asia with our growing network of data center offering standardized services across geographies
  • Enables customers to build a local business ecosystem by interconnecting with businesses within the same city
  • Offers a variety power, co-location space, cooling and security options
  • Offers access to Pacnet’s extensive Trans-Pacific and Intra-Asia connectivity and local loop partners
  • Provides remote hands support from Pacnet’s team of data center experts

Monetize digital data through our fast and efficient Content Delivery Network

  • Helps increase profitability of content producers and distributors with advanced caching, streaming and storage to support seamless delivery digital content
  • Reaches global audience with Pacnet’s CDN network connected with a global federation of CDN partners
  • Offers access to Pacnet’s team of CDN experts

Link your multi-site operations with the widest range of connectivity

  • Enables seamless connectivity among geographically-dispersed multi-site operations
  • Offers a widest variety of bandwidth, routes and connectivity and technology to suit a customer’s cost, routing and bandwidth specifications
  • Provides access to Pacnet’s extensive Intra-Asia and Trans-Pacific subsea cable network and Points-of-Presence (PoPs) around the world
  • Access to Pacnet’s experience and expertise in providing connectivity to carriers and large enterprise customers around the world.

Optimize your equipment and IT infrastructure to meet your complex computing, data management and security requirements

  • Provides access to advanced IT solutions and best practices in application acceleration, virtual server management, network security, back-up and storage
  • Helps business capitalize on the cost and manageability benefits of Cloud-based services and infrastructure
  • Offers access to new solutions Pacnet will develop in the future in partnership with leading technology providers

At Pacnet, we just don’t offer you end-to-end solutions, we share with you our resources, knowledge and experience built over many years of serving the network, connectivity and IT services requirements of Fortune 500 companies. Because to us, managed services is not just about configuring networks and installing software and equipment, it’s about partnering with you in business growth and transformation.

Find out how Pacnet Managed Services can help you transform your business, please email us at or call your designated Pacnet representative.