Pacnet Lightning

Fast, low-latency routes to major exchanges in Asia

Today’s digitally-driven trading environments make every millisecond count. A buy or sell order executed faster than a blink of an eye could mean increased revenues or lost opportunities.

Pacnet Lightning helps customers optimize trading gains by giving them the fastest, lowest latency routes to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKex), Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and Osaka Stock Exchange (OSE).

Local connectivity to these exchanges offers instant access to sources of market prices using the shortest fiber-optic routes in the Intra-Asia and Trans-Pacific subsea cable systems that Pacnet owns and manages.

Whether customers are trading currencies, equities, commodities or option, Pacnet Lightning empowers them with near-instant access to market information.

Guaranteed Lowest Latency SLA

PoP to PoP Latency Lightning Latency  Service Path Lightning Latency Protection Path
Measured Latency1 Latency SLA Measured Latency1 Latency SLA
HKex DC<>SGX DC 29.68ms 32ms 31.19ms 33ms
HKex DC<>ATTokyo DC 43.78ms 46ms 54.92ms 58ms
ATTokyo DC<>SGX DC 66.22ms 69ms 72.98ms 74ms

Estimated latency measured in STM1

Low Latency Network

  • Offers Pacnet’s fastest routes between HKex, SGX and OSE
  • Fast connection from Japan to the US
  • Riding on Pacnet’s extensive EAC-C2C Intra-Asia and EAC Pacific subsea cable systems
  • Leveraging Next Generation optical network technology enabling the delivery of both Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) and Ethernet-Over-SDH services
  • PoP-to-PoP network managed by Pacnet

Predictive Dedicated Bandwidth

  • International Private Line (IPL) with speeds of up to STM-4
  • Ethernet International Private Line (EIPL) with speeds of up to 1 Gbps
  • Dedicated allocation of both primary and secondary bandwidth to ensure network availability for customers seeking resilient protected path
  • Short lead time on bandwidth upgrades

Availability Service Level Agreement

  • PoP-to-PoP: 99.99%
  • PoP-to-Premise: 99.95%

24/7 Customer Support and Network Monitoring

  • Helpdesk with skilled experts on stand-by to resolve your connectivity issues
  • Network Operation Center (NOC) engineers managing your connection round-the-clock