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PTC’15 Wrap-Up: Putting the Bounce into Submarine Cable
By Andy Lumsden in Feb 2015

PTC’15 has a prodigious reputation for bringing together the telecommunications industry’s best and brightest minds in Honolulu, Hawaii each year in order to forge new partnerships, rekindle existing business relationships, and gain new insights into our dynamic industry.  This year’s event proved no different, converging thought-leaders to discuss a number of the industry’s latest trends […]

Data center predictions for 2015: more traffic, more build, more opportunities
By Giles Proctor in Dec 2014

Trying to predict what data centers will be like in a year’s time is both an exciting and scary prospect. Whilst twelve months is not an especially long time frame – I design our data centers to operate for over twenty years – the current environment is very dynamic and major change is emerging. In […]

Launching Pacnet’s new customer-focused website
By Stella Chan in Oct 2014

Welcome to Pacnet’s new customer-focused website. There’s a pretty good chance that you are reading this article, not on your personal computer, but rather on your tablet or smartphone. That is at least part of the reason behind the revamp of Pacnet’s online home. It really depends on who you referred to, but multiple studies […]

Pacnet ups data security as virtual payment industry leaps forward
By Giles Proctor in Sep 2014

Increasingly, cash is no longer king because currencies are going virtual. Two recent announcements are poised to bring online payments to a new level by virtualizing the wallet, and even cash itself, via smartphones and computers. As Apple has launched its mobile payment platform Apple Pay, which turns future iPhones and the company’s wearable Watch […]

PEN 2.0: The Next Evolution of Cloud Network
By Jon Vestal in Sep 2014

Over the past 10 years, cloud development and bandwidth-hungry applications such as cloud storage operations, videoconferencing and video streaming have continued their rapid proliferation in the market, consuming capacity and leaving traditional networks struggling to keep pace. 

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