Pacnet Managed Firewall Service

Protecting corporate network is a top priority in today’s business, particularly with workers becoming more mobile and demanding anytime anywhere access to corporate resources. While companies are willing to spend significant time, money and effort on maintaining network security, there are cases where outsourcing these core corporate tasks is called for.

Pacnet Managed Firewall Service was created to complement security protection already put into place, with reliable firewall solution, intrusion detection and protection and consultancy services.

Together with Pacnet transport services such as IP VPN, IPSec VPN, etc., we can provide the security solution spanning customer access, data transport as well as network components.

Key Features

  • One stop solution from equipment procurement to installation, maintenance and monitoring.
  • Single point of accountability provided together with Pacnet Internet Service to ensure customer is protected against threat associated with access to public Internet.
  • Single point of contact for whole network solution.
  • Reliable security support resources with 24 x 7 monitoring & support of security network.
  • Sophisticated reporting for internal and external audit and compliance with offsite report storage.
  • Best in class firewall including, but not limited to, Cisco ASA and ISR Router.


Pacnet Managed Firewall Service is offered together with our connectivity services including Private Line, ATM, Frame Relay, Internet Service and IP VPN.


  • Network Security Performance Reports
  • Pacnet generates monthly report including:
    - Summary of event alerts for that month
    - Service level issues
    - Updated patches deployed
    - Denial inbound by IP address
    - Denial inbound by Ports
    - Denial outbound by IP address
  • Security Policy – A set of network traffic rules specifying the level of security configuration for the firewall service.